B i l l y   M i n t z

[Mintz's solo performances are] a form of holy worship for many musicians and drummers. Forget what you know about the drums and solo drums. This is no boom-chakka-lakka affair. Mintz is painterly and understated in his singular approach to music. - Willamette Week, Portland, Oregon

Past Solo Drum Concerts performed by Billy Mintz

December '08 Jalopy Theater, Brooklyn, NY
October '08, Steve Allen Theater, Hollywood, CA
February '08, Harbor College, Los Angeles, CA
October '07, The Tank, New York, NY
June '07, Dangerous Curve, Los Angeles, CA
November '06, Jazz Clot Underground, Barcelona, Spain
October '06, KEXP 90.3 Sonarchy Music Series, Seattle, WA
October '06, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA
January '06 Eagle Rock Community Cultural Center, Eagle Rock, CA
October '05, Polestar Music Series, Seattle, WA
October '05 Hillside Club, Berkeley, CA
July ‘05 St. Peter's Church, NY
Feb. ˆé04 Cornelia Street. Cafe, NY
Dec. ˆé03 Barb¬és, Brooklyn, NY
Oct '03 Club Tropical, Culver City, CA
July '03 411 Concert Space, Portland, OR
July '03 Seattle Art Gallery, Seattle, WA
June '03 Salvation Theatre, Silver Lake, CA
June '03 Olympia New Music Festival, Olympia, WA
May '03 5.10 Concert Space, Redondo Beach, CA
April '03 Liminal Performance Space, Portland, OR
March '03 Eagle Rock Cultural Community Center, Eagle Rock, CA
March '03 Concert Space, Oakland, CA
June '02 The Tug Boat, Portland, OR
March '02 Salvation Theatre, Silver Lake, CA
January '02 The Smell, Los Angeles, CA