B i l l y   M i n t z

Drummer/Composer Billy Mintz celebrates 25 years of leading his 2 Bass Band! In the early 1990’s in Los Angeles, nine like-minded LA luminaries, including Bob Sheppard, Kim Richmond and Bruce Fowler, got together to begin work-shopping, and then performing, Billy’s music. Upon returning to New York in 2001, Billy strove to develop the concept further, and the New York-based 2 Bass Band soon began performing around New York, first at Cornelia Street Café and the Knitting Factory, and recently at iBeam Brooklyn. After nearly twenty-five years, Thirteenth Note Records presents the band’s first recording.

In lieu of a formal arranging/composing education, Billy spends long hours transcribing what he hears in his head (and heart). He has painstakingly forged a unique sound that never fails to move the audience. Explains Mintz, “When I first came to New York, the band was very loose. We just played very free sketches. Then I started hearing more specific arrangements and orchestrations. The New York personnel evolved to reflect that change.”

Much as Duke Ellington did, Mintz arranges his music with the specific players in mind. Hypnotic vamps, haunting melodies and gorgeous orchestrations are some of the hallmarks of this group. The band’s debut CD was recorded live at Ibeam in Brooklyn in one night.

Curious and forceful
 - New York Times

The leader walks alone and, like Paul Motian, he's got a great way of drifting through the waves while steering the ship."  -Village Voice

Billy Mintz leads his remarkable Two Bass Band, a nonet notable...for the leader's lush writing and orchestration. Mintz advances a compositional language that's romantic and classy yet schmaltz-free.  -Time Out New York

The Two Bass Band